Friday, March 22, 2013

Profiles in Madness, Wherein I Lose Another Regional Finalist Edition, Volume 1, Chapter 5: Florida Gulf Coast

Last year's first round featured two of the rarest of upset flavors, the 15 over 2 upset.  And now we have this year's first (and only, since Ohio State is currently handling Iona by 20+ with less than five minutes to go): (15) Florida Gulf Coast over (2) Georgetown.  This one hurts because I had the notion to pick it, based on FCG's victory this year over Miami and Georgetown's sometime vulnerability (see e.g. loss to South Florida).  But in the end I didn't have the guts. Now I'm like the guy that didn't buy the lottery ticket.

This is the first tournament in FGC's history.  In fact, it is only their second year in Division 1.  Last year, they lost in the final of their conference tournament, and this year won it to capture their first dance in their 2nd chance.  Not bad.

Next up for FGC will be the San Diego St./Oklahoma winner.

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